A Text Can Wait, But People’s Lives Cannot

A Text Can Wait, But People's Lives CannotGetting a driver license isn’t that easy, it’s one way to test your skill on how you handle your vehicle on the road and for you to become a responsible driver. However, many college students today don’t realize how quickly one text message can turn into one huge nightmare, particularly when driving.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are almost 1,000 deaths and 24,000 injuries in car accidents involving cellphone distraction while they are driving their vehicles. In Miami, the University of Miami has teamed up with the Florida Department of Transportation to spread awareness and educate college students about the risks of distracted driving.

On the other hand, The Miami Hurricane also conducted a poll to determine students who do text while driving, the result showed there were 57 students admitted to texting while driving, while 11 students said they haven’t.

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