Buckling Up Your Pets: An Idea to Curb Distracted Drivers

A new law requires dog owners to buckle up their pets on car trips and also require drivers to use a device, including an animal safety harness, modified seat belt, tether, or other similar type of control apparatus. The device is meant to humanely restrict the movement of a domestic dog or cat and keeps the animal secured and confined to a seat in a passenger automobile or within a passenger automobile’s cargo area during motor vehicle transport.

According to a dog owner, L. Grace Spencerets, pets are more of a distraction than a cellphone, especially if the animal is hopping from seat to seat, trying to sit on your lap, or worse, jump down by your feet.

This proposal had drawn growls from a Republican lawmaker since violators would be fined $20 and could possibly be charged with animal cruelty.

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