Car Accident in Hong Kong Kills Fat Duck Chefs

A vehicular accident involving a taxi and a bus in Hong Kong has resulted in the death of two chefs working in the The Fat Duck, the famous restaurant owned by Heston Blumenthal.

 The two chefs were in the middle of traveling in the Chai Wan district when the accident occurred, as their taxi was hit by a double decker bus.

Jorge Ivan Arango Rivera, 34, and Carl Magnus Lindgren, 30, were named and confirmed as chefs working for The Fat Duck – a Michelin-starred restaurant that in Bray, Berkshire, to both being among their senior staff members.

The driver who was driving the taxi that the two chefs rode was also killed in the accident. He identified as Wong Kim-chung, 53.

It was reported that the 57 year old driver of the bus has been arrested and is being held on suspicion of being the cause of the death of the victims due to dangerous driving. That was before he was released on bail.


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