Car Accident Instrumental in Uncovering Double Homicide

A car accident in Buckeye, Arizona has been instrumental in the discovery of a double homicide, which also happened in Buckeye. The man who was injured in the single vehicle accident is now considered to be an investigative lead in the case.

The accident happened in the area of Rainbow and Yuma roads, where the police responded to the crash right before eight in the morning. The man who was found inside the car and who was reportedly hurt very seriously has been identified as Elwood Moreno, 33 years old, and a resident of Buckeye.

According to Lt. Jared Griffith, spokesman for the local police, estimates place Moreno’s speed at about 100 mph when his car ran into a block wall. As of this writing, the exact cause of the accident is still undetermined.

As Moreno was taken to the nearest hospital, authorities decided to inform his family of the accident. They then went to 1400 block of East, M.C. 85, which was Moreno’s last known address.

As police entered Moreno’s open apartment, they were shocked to find two bodies. Those bodies turned out to be those of Moreno’s father and his stepmother. Ramsey Moreno, 57, and Nancy Moreno, 69, were found to have been stabbed several times each.

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