Car Crashes on Major Roads Top the List of Accidents

A study has revealed that the Albany Highway in Kenwick is Perth’s worst “black spot” for car crashes, wherein the analysis that was made by AAMI – a car insurer – that more than 275,000 accident claims across the nation and more common on high traffic roads with relatively high speed limits.

An AAMI spokesman, Reuben Aitchison said “Albany Highway in Kenwick and Great Eastern Highway in Belmont have had roadworks and construction on site for a long time – this adds to drivers’ frustration. When it comes to impatience and frustration, which both contribute to crashes, it’s all relative, if people aren’t used to a particular road being slow, they get more frustrated and more impatient. All it takes is just a moment’s lapse in concentration or judgment or letting impatience get the better of you for a crash to happen.”

Full article here.

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