Driving Accidents and Senior Citizens

Driving Accidents and Senior CitizensDriving is a major part of the American way of life. The ability and the freedom to go driving in one’s own vehicle is such a cherished part of the way we live, that it would seem unthinkable for some people to have that taken away. That is precisely the dilemma facing those dealing with seniors.

When is it time to take away the keys from them? Senile dementia does not have a steady rate and so there are no hard and fast rules for determining when an older person should be banned from driving.

Here is a part of an article by Tim Watt for  Sunriseseniorliving.com, “A Los Angeles judge recently ruled that Dr. Arthur Daigneault was not responsible for the death of William Powers, 90, who died in a car accident when his longtime partner Lorraine Sullivan, 85, a dementia patient, drove into the path of an oncoming car, NBC News reports. The victim’s family thought the doctor should have done something to deem Sullivan unfit to drive, but he was ultimately found not guilty after arguing that he did not think her condition was severe enough to take away the keys.

The case brought up a valid argument among those providing Alzheimer’s care: when is it appropriate to prohibit someone from driving? This question is important to consider for seniors with dementia and aging individuals in general.”

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