Hall of Shame: The Worst Places to Drive in Britain!

With statistics showing that almost 2,000 people are killed on their roads, officials in Britain are acting up in order to find ways on how to cut down on accidents. They have come up with a new strategy that aims to  make local officials start doing their part in preventing accidents.

So what’s their new strategy? They aim to publish data concerning accidents on British roads. The data would indicate the number of accidents reported on each council. This would compare each local government unit’s performance in preventing accidents.

The aim here is to show which places have the highest number of accidents, which could mean lack of action on the part of local officials. They compared data gathered from 1994 to1998 with those gathered from 2006 to 2010.

The data shows that the worst performer is  Doncaster,  which has a zero per cent reduction in the number of those killed or seriously injured in their jurisdiction. The best performing locality is Halton in Cheshire.

Ray Massey of The Daily Mail has written an enlightening article regarding this matter. Click here to read it.

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