Is Color a Problem?: Checking Out The Disproportionately Higher Number of Black Kids Killed in Accidents

A study by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Toyota shows that more African American children are killed in automobile accidents. The disproportionate number is mainly caused by the fact many of the children involved did not wear seat belts at the time of the accident.

The report that was published from the study showed that car accident related fatality was the number one cause of death for black children under 14. It was even worse than serious diseases. Such a finding is alarming, especially since the deaths were totally preventable with the simple use of seat belts.

That was just one of the significant findings that were included in the report. The report also showed other factors that were equally interesting and alarming.

Experts have pointed out that deaths resulting from not wearing seat belts are something that could be avoided. They are thus calling for more education on the part of drivers and parents so that they would not place their children in danger.

Lisa Loving Of The Skanner News has written a full article on this including the other findings from the report. You can read the full article here.

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