New Sanction on Drunk Driving in Russia Proposed

New Sanction on Drunk Driving in Russia ProposedUnited Russia, Russia’s ruling party is preparing to introduce severe sanctions that would go against drunk driving, which is being blamed for 1,300 fatalities this year alone Some activists however, have expressed worry that those penalties may prove counterproductive.

The ruling party is reportedly preparing to push for legislation that will introduce severe sanctions that would penalize drunk drivers, including fines equivalent to more than $16,000, taking away drivers’ licenses for life and confiscating vehicles. Causing a death of more than one person while driving drunk may soon result in a sentence of life in prison, some legislators said.

According to Yevgeny Bryun, director of Moscow Research and Practical Center for Narcology,

“These sanctions, will not be productive without a much broader system of monitoring and counseling thousands of motorists suspected of or caught drunk driving to prevent such accidents in the future.”

Do you find injustice to the severe sanction they’ve introduce?

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