Preventing Teen Auto Accident Death in New Jersey Could Mean More Than Just Passing Laws

Figures show that automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. The State of New Jersey is just one proof of that claim. In 2010, about 33 teenagers were killed while driving and that figure jumped to 45 a year after! The year 2012 is just halfway through and there are already 20 dead teen drivers.

New Jersey officials have tried acting on the problem by enacting some license laws. They imposed a curfew on teen drivers and limited the number of passengers that could ride with them. There are new accidents, however, which are causing a clamour for a review of these laws.

Critics of the legislation are pointing out that it misses out on something VERY crucial. The laws are not involving the parents in helping to educate teen drivers. Research has shown that parents are particularly effective in teaching teens about the importance of proper conduct when driving.

The laws might APPEAR good on paper, but if it does not involve the parents then its effectiveness would be seriously in doubt.

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