Seizure Not Drugs Causes Car Accident Says Ex-Wife of Governor

Kerry Kennedy, the former wife of Governor Cuomo became involved in a car accident when the car that she was driving crashed. No one was injured in the accident and Kennedy was unharmed, but she did hit a truck during the time that she was driving erratically  before she crashed.

Kennedy was charged for driving under the influence of drugs. The tests conducted, however, revealed no presence of prescriotion or recreational drugs. Kennedy did tell the officer who responded on the scene of the accident that she might have taken a drug for helping her to sleep by accident.

During her arraignment Kennedy said that it was highly likely that she experienced a mild seizure while she was driving on her way to a gym. She said that she has never had any drug or alcohol problems before.

Kennedy stated that she underwent testing and has confirmed that there was a spot in her head that was probably causing the seizures. She also stated that it was most likely caused by a head injury that she sustained some time ago.

The judge released Kennedy without any bail citing the lack of any criminal record.

WENDY RUDERMAN and MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ has written a full article on this on The New York Times. Click here to read the full article.

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