Tough Times for Body Shops Because of Fewer Accidents

These days it is hard for those in the body shop business in the U.K. Their main source of business, which has been body repair resulting from crashes and traffic accidents has been steadily going down in the past decade or so.  Studies have suggested that the industry has already suffered losses amounting to about 30%.

The drop in business is mainly pointed to the fact that vehicles are becoming more equipped with safety features and that drivers are now becoming more conscious when it comes to road safety.

Here is a part of an article by  Chinwe Akomah which appeared on, “

The value of the repair market fell in real terms (accounting for inflation) by up to 29%, because the real-terms price of the average job has fallen along with job numbers.

Trend Tracker also attributed the tough times to an increasing number of vehicles being fitted with active safety systems to prevent accidents, and to a continuous fall in the average annual mileage of cars in the UK, which leads to fewer accidents.

Robert Macnab, the company’s lead analyst, said: “The increasing installed volume of safety features such as lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and emergency brake assist in new cars is likely to reduce the frequency of accidents in normal conditions as ABS has done in the past.”

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