Traffic Accidents in Long Beach are on the Rise

There is a slight increase in the number of traffic accidents that cause fatalities in the Long Beach area, as reported by the police. Statistics show that there is an increase of over 5% over last year. While that might seem like a small increase on paper, that’s no small matter for the families of the ones who were affected by the accidents.

Officials have warned against doing the things that usually cause traffic accidents. Things such as driving under the influence and texting while driving are still the most common causes of the accidents. Here is a part of an article that appeared on, “As of Friday, 19 people have died in traffic accidents in Long Beach: Seven involved pedestrians, five involved a motorcycle, five occurred when a vehicle struck a fixed object, one occurred between two vehicles colliding, and one person died after a car struck a train, police said.

At the same time in 2011, there were 18 fatalities: Five involving pedestrians, four involved bicyclists, three occurred when a car struck a fixed object, three involved a car and motorcycle, two involved a motorycle striking a fixed object, and one occurred when a vehicle struck another vehicle, according to police.

Police officials are conducting regular traffic enforcement and safety awareness efforts, but say there are also measures motorists can take to decrease the chance they will be involved in a traffic collision.”

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