10 Ways to Avoid Vehicular Accidents

What to Do in a Minor Car AccidentRoad safety has grown to be a primary concern over the years as more and more people get into car accidents daily. The good thing however, is that these accidents are highly preventable. The key is to be attentive of whatever happens on the road and not let anything distract you. It is also important that before you get behind the wheel, you are certain that you’re in perfect condition to drive.

Here are 10 more specific ways to avoid getting into a vehicular accident:
  1. Pull into traffic slowly.
  2. Watch for red light runners.
  3. Keep at least one hand on the steering wheel.
  4. Watch out for kids and animals.
  5. Perform engine maintenance regularly.
  6. Scan 12 seconds ahead.
  7. Look backwards when backing out.
  8. Do not tailgate.
  9. Be courteous to other drivers.
  10. Put on your seat belt.
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