2 Motorcyclists Killed in Wreck

a man riding a motorcycleTwo motorcyclists were killed and a third was injured in a chain reaction wreck on I-285, according to police. The bikers were traveling westbound on i-285 at around 2:45 a.m. when one of them approached an SUV at a high speed and rear-ended it.

“A second motorcycle driver was thrown from his bike after debris from the accident caused him to lose control,” said DeKalb police spokeswoman Mekka Parish. The said man died on the scene.

The biker involved in the initial collision was seriously injured but later also died at the local hospital, while the third motorcyclist involved was transported to a local hospital. Parish identified the deceased bikers as Sean Phillips, 37 years old, and Ruben Bryant, 42 years old. The third biker was identified as Darien Woods.

Click here to read more of the accident.

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