Burn Victim Gets New Face and New Lease on Life

Close to six years have passed since the nightmare that changed Close to six years have passed since the nightmare that changed Carmen Tarleton’s life forever. That night, her ex-husband broke into her home, beat her up and bathed her in industrial lye, burning her and causing her to lose her eyelids, upper lip and left ear. What was left of Ms. Tarleton were features that were heartbreaking to look upon, a painful reminder of the horrific ordeal she went through.

Early this year, another life-changing event took place in Carmen’s life. She got a new face.

On Valentine’s day, after several hours in the operating room, she emerged with what must have felt like a new lease on life. Although it looked like “a puffy, surreal mask” to her mother, Joan VanNorden, the new face attached to her daughter’s skull would still evolve to become the new Carmen. For instance, a portion of her scalp that was so badly burned and would never grow back hair of its own, now has the donor’s hair sprouting out of her temples and forehead.

For more on how Ms. Tarleton’s new face has become a part of who she is eight months after the face transplant, click here.

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