Car Wrecks Leading Weather Killer

Car WrecksThe media has the tendency to focus on tornadoes and storms and how many people have died because of those disturbances. Statistics show however that tornadoes are not the leading weather killers. That distinction falls to car wrecks.

Statistics show that more than 7,000 persons have died in the U.S. Because of wrecks caused by weather problems.

Here is a part of an article by Doyle Rice for USA Today:

On average, more than 7,000 Americans die in weather-related wrecks each year on our nation’s highways, according to data from the Federal Highway Administration. The FHA defines weather-related crashes as those that occur in adverse weather such as rain, sleet, snow or fog, or on slick pavement.

Koermer is the moderator of a session Thursday at the American Meteorological Society’s Washington Forum in Washington, D.C., “New Developments and Opportunities in Surface Transportation,” which will focus on ways these accidents can be reduced or prevented.

Although the news media does pay some attention to multicar pileups — of which there have been at least 19 on U.S. highways so far this year, leaving eight people dead and 700 wrecked cars — it’s the mundane but still tragic single- or two-car accidents on wet roads that cause most of the deaths.

“There is such a focus on the big events, that to have one or two people dying at a time just isn’t a catastrophic event,” says Kevin Petty, chief science officer of Finnish meteorology firm Vaisala, which studies this subject. Most of those 7,000 people are dying at a rate of one or two per accident, he says.”

You can read the full article here.

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