Child Abduction Prevention: Things to Teach Your Children

Driving-Tips-ParentsYou may think that you are fully aware of what happens around your child, but unbeknownst to most parents, predators are on the prowl waiting for an opportunity to take your child away from you. Child abduction may not seem as rampant but they do happen. At the local mall, at a playground, even at your child’s school, child kidnappers may be everywhere, taking kids away for whatever malicious reason.

While you can’t spend every waking moment with your children to personally make sure they are safe, there are a number of things you can teach them to prevent child abduction.
  • Do not go near a car you don’t know.
  • Always let your parents know where you are and who you are with.
  • If you get lost in a public place, stay put.  Ask someone who works there for help finding your parents.
  • Stay away from strangers; never tell them your name or where you live.
  • If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult you trust.
  • Use the buddy system: take someone with you whenever you are in public.
  • Never take candy or gifts from a stranger.
  • If someone tries to lead you away, scream “Help!”, “I don’t know you!”, or “Stranger!”
  • Never go anywhere without a parent’s permission.
  • If you need to use a public restroom, do not go alone- take a buddy with you.

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