Crash Test Bicycling Dummies

Crash Test Bicycling DummiesStudents from Carleton University and Algonquin College are working with Ottawa police officers in order to understand what happens when cyclists and cars collide. They are using a 180 pound dummy placed on a bicycle to simulate the rider. After several attempts they were successful in recreating a potentially deadly crash. They are working to prove theories as to what happens when a crash like that happens in real life.

Here is a part of an article by Michelle Nash:

“The simulated crash was part of an eight-month-long study conducted by Carleton University engineering students and Algonquin College toolmaking students, working in conjunction with Ottawa police to help better understand exactly what happens when a cyclist and car collide.

“We have a number of theories and a couple of ideas of what the data will look like, but it all depends on how the dummy hits the car,” said project coordinator Brigitte Babin, a fourth year biomedical and mechanical engineering student.

The simulation had a dummy “cyclist” ride down a track, as a sedan was speeding past – with the inevitable crash occuring between the two vehicles. After three failed attempts where the dummy sailed behind or in front of the car, the fourth attempt was a success, resulting in a crash of potentially deadly proportions.

Babin’s classmates, all in students in Carleton’s department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, designed and built the electronics for the crash, while Algonquin College’s mechanical technician-toolmaking program handled the mechanical elements of building the dummy.

The test involved multiple cameras located at every angle of the crash site as well as a camera on the cyclist’s helmet and the vehicle.

Sensors built by the students were placed inside the dummy, in its head, chest and arms to help determine the impact of the crash.”

You can read the full article here.

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