Driving Tips for Parents

Driving Tips for ParentsWhen traveling on the road with your young ones, extra precautions must be taken to put yourself and your precious children away from danger and accidents. Even if you have expert driving skills, the best car safety features and a secure car seat, you can never be too sure when it comes your children.

Here are more safety tips for driving moms and dads:

Don’t use your phone. If you must make or take a call, pull over at the next gas station/shopping center/parking area to do it or install a hands-free cell-phone system.

Secure the toys. Don’t reach over to pick up fallen toys. Keep items within reach of your child by attaching them to her car seat. Plastic links are great, because you can adjust the length by adding or subtracting links

Eat beforehand. It’s hard to pay attention to the road when you’re trying to eat a sandwich or tear open a snack bag. If you you don’t have time to nosh between appointments and running errands, keep easy-to-eat nibbles like almonds in your, and snack on a few before you start the engine. 

Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t take your eyes off the road no matter what’s going on in the backseat. Pull over to a safe spot to put things in order — even if it means losing travel time.

Before hitting the road with your kids, read more driving tips in “Safe Driving Tips for Moms and Dads“.

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