Hit and Run Accident, Prosecutors Looking to Increase Charges

Hit and Run AccidentAfter a young man was accused of a hit and run in Charlotte, North Carolina last 27th of May 2013, prosecutors are looking into charging second degree murder to the offender. The perpetrator, 27-year-old Billy Ladario Neal, was charged with several offenses including driving with an invalid license and while impaired.

The victim, 45 year-old Jose Aguilar, was reportedly waiting at a red light to make a left turn to Idlewild Road when he was struck by a speeding 2012 Nissan Xterra driven by Neal. He ran through the red light and left the scene of the crime after the commotion eased. Aguilar was found dead at the scene according to the medics who responded.

Additionally, over speeding and drugs were found to be factors of the incident. Find out more on this devastating news here.

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