Hong Kong Singer Dies in Car Crash

carcrHong Kong singer Sita Chan was killed when her car crashed on Wednesday. The 26-year-old singer came from the home of her music teacher where she rehearsed some of her songs. It was reported that she even had dinner with some employees of her recording company.

Authorities are considering the possibility that the singer was too tired to drive when the accident happened. Here is part of an article in the Malaysia Chronicle, “According to police investigations, her death could have been a result of fatigue and low visibility from the thick fog late at night. Sita reportedly took a wrong turn and lost control of her car. She then hit the right-hand curb, bounced back, and struck the road’s central divider.

Sita was rushed to the emergency room at Kwong Wah Hospital. She was declared dead at 4.16am.”

The music industry in Hong Kong is now paying tribute to Sita Chan’s memory.

You can read the full article here.

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