List of Most Common Car Accidents

List of Most Common Car AccidentsMajority of drivers worry about getting involved in collisions with other vehicles because of the resulting damage and the cost of repairs. However, there are other road hazards that are often over looked like trees, potholes and animals in which can cause expensive damage.

Below are some list of common car accidents according to reports from drivers:

  • Struck another car: 22.7%
  • Another car struck me: 22.2%
  • Single-car accident: 7.9%
  • Act of nature: 5.8%
  • Struck parked car or tree: 5.4%
  • Car struck while parked: 5.0%
  • Debris or other non-accident damage (such as hitting a pothole): 2.9%
  • Vandalism: 2.4%

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