Man Sentenced to Seven Years Imprisonment

The man from Waverly, Ohio was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment after fleeing from a car accident scene last June 24, 2013. The Pike County car crash killed two women, one of whom is pregnant.

Mr. Paul J. Riggs, thirty years old, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault and failure to stop at a scene of the crash after killing a 35 year old and pregnant woman named Tina L. Ogler, and a 19 year old Mary Jane Cooper. Both are residents of Beaver, Ohio. A 14 year old boy was severely injured but managed to recover after the incident.

It was reported that Paul Riggs, who didn’t sustain too much injury, fled the scene of the crime and was hiding for nine days before his arrest by the Pike County deputies and state troopers.

Fill in your curiosity regarding this car accident by reading the article here.

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