One Man Killed in Wrong-Way Driving Accident

A 62-year-old male passenger was killed in a head-on wrong-way accident that involved two vehicles, one of them a taxi containing the victim, on Highway 101 in South San Francisco last Saturday. Pedro Soldevila was reportedly completely thrown out of the vehicle. Two other passengers were seriously injured and hospitalized, including the taxi driver.

California Highway Patrol says that the 24-year-old Zachary Katz was intoxicated when he drove on the wrong lane and direction and rammed into the taxi. The Standford University student has been charged with a DUI but has yet to be released from the hospital.
Officials and witnesses alike were shocked at how the accident left the taxi looking merely like “twisted metal”. “It was the most intense accident I’ve ever seen,” witness Cory Zimmerman said. “I’ve lived here for all my life.”
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