Pit Bull Ruins Family Trip In California

Pit Bull Ruins Family Trip In CaliforniaIn most cases visiting a family friend for some good bonding is usually fun, safe and hassle-free. However, in a rare occasion, a family’s visit to a friend in San Bernardina, California turned out to be a nightmare. This developed after two minor children of the family were savagely attacked and bitten by a pit bull owned by their friend.
The kids needed to go to a local hospital for stitches on their faces to close the wounds. According to reports, at the moment, the children are both recovering from their wounds and trauma due to the incident. This incident, was a grim reminder to all of us that personal injury can happen anytime to you and your family.
To avoid personal injuries, be vigilant and aware at all times. If you happen to suffer from personal injuries do not hesitate to call a trusted and reliable personal injury lawyer.
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