Primary School Dinner Lady Fired After Accidentally Serving Pork to Muslim Pupil

51-year-old Alison Waldock, who has been working for Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge for 11 years, was sacked after she accidentally served pork to a Muslim pupil.

Waldock gave gammon to a 7-year-old girl after she pointed at the dish on the menu at the canteen. However, the school’s head teacher spotted it and stepped in before the student ate the meat.

The parents were told about the error and they complained to the catering service that supplies meals to the school. Waldock was suspended from her job and is now sacked for gross misconduct. But, the British Muslim group already branded the decision “heavy-handed” and an “overreaction”.

According to Waldock, she made an honest mistake. She was dismissed despite begging to bosses to let her keep her job.

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