Recycling Company Owner Faced with a Hefty Fine

Bradley White is a 27-year-old roof contractorBradley White is a 27-year-old roof contractor. He was hired by Michael Davies to change an industrial unit’s roof at W&S Recycling in Poole.

Unfortunately, while walking on the cemented roof last March 2012, Mr. White’s foot stepped on a fragile roof sheet. After which, he fell and landed six meters below on a concrete floor. He was said to have suffered four broken bones on his back, a broken pelvis, a shattered femur, left arm and right wrist fractures, and ligament damages.

In line with the findings provided by the Health and Safety Executive, the Bournemouth Magistrates Court heard this case last November 29, 2013. It ruled against the Dorset-based recycling firm’s owner, in favor of Mr. White. The former was asked to pay £11,000 worth of fines.

An elaborate report on this unfortunate incident can be read here.

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