Rockafellow Law Firm: Top Five Causes of Car Accidents

Rockafellow Law Firm: Top Five Causes of Car AccidentsThe Rockafellow Law Firm offers a list of the top five causes of car accidents. This is in the hope that through this awareness the dangers will somehow make people increase their vigilance and there would be greater safety for motorists.

  1. Distracted drivers through texting, dialing and talking on the phone, eating, tending to children or other passengers and looking for lost items.
  2. Speeding kills over 13,000 people each year according to National Safety Council.
  3. Driving when drowsy is deadly. It causes 1 out of 6 fatal car crashes.
  4. Don’t drink and drive. In this case, you may assigned a person to drive you home.
  5. Pay extra attention when driving in rainy weather.

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