Students Killed and Injured in a Car Crash Accident

A car smashed into a tree along Sohna Road. last Wednesday, September 11. There were two reported casualties, one who is now dead and the other two are gravely injured and are in critical condition.

Police reports say that both Bharat Lathar and his friend, Anurag Goyal, were planning on going to Delhi from GD Goenka University in Gurgaon where both men are studying at. Because of over-speeding, the Volkswagen that Bharat was driving crashed into a tree. Both the victims were hurriedly rushed to the nearest private hospital where Bharat soon succumbed to his fatal injuries.

Additionally, the impact of the crash was definitely at a high because it broke the car, literally, into two parts before falling into a ditch a few feet away. The parents of both victims are in shock and still trying to cope up with what’s happened.

On this page, you will read the full version of this tragedy. Find out the sentiments of the victims’ parents and more details on what happened now.

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