Teenage Safety Tips: Driving on the Highway

Teenage Safety Tips: Driving on the HighwayIt’s every teenagers dream to cruise down the highway at top speeds. While this may seem like a “cool” idea, this can get very dangerous and even deadly, especially for less-experienced drivers. It’s important for first timers behind the wheel to know that a lot of things can go wrong on the road, especially among cars driving very fast on the highway; therefore, safety is an utmost concern.

Ideally, teenagers should start out with the minimum speed allowed on the highway to avoid any accidents. Other tips for driving safely on the highway are listed below:
  • Practice merging safely onto the roadway a number of times until comfortable doing so in heavier traffic.
  • Get into the habit of frequently checking on the vehicles that are around.
  • Big trucks and tractor trailers can kick up a lot of water and slush if it is raining, so make sure the windshield wipers work properly.
  • When in front of a large commercial vehicle, such as an 18 wheeler, give plenty of warning for lane changes and turns.
  • Stay within site of a tractor-trailers mirrors- if you can’t see their mirrors, then they cannot see you.
  • Obey the speed limit at all times.
  • Watch for merging traffic, and pull into the left hand lane if clear to allow others access.
  • Many states have laws that only permit drivers to pass in the left hand lane, and not stay driving in them.

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