Teens and Car Crashes

carThere’s a problem on American roads today and most of us are unaware of it, or we are just not paying enough attention. There’s an increase in the number of teenagers who are dying because of car accidents. We are not noticing this because the accidents are happening in small towns across the country, but the problem does exist. Americans need to take notice now or this could get worse.

According to an article by Sharon Silke Carty  for AOL Autos, “Recently, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association release preliminary figures for 2012 that show a troubling trend: After 10 years of declining, teen driving deaths are on the rise.

Although teen crashes seem random and unpredictable, they actually often follow a predictable pattern: It’s likely a group of teens heading nowhere in particular, probably late at night, and going fast. Often, they’re not wearing seatbelts.”

This can be a frightening trend and it can only mean that we are bound to see more deaths in the future.

You can read the full article here.

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