Two Traffic Accidents Leave Four Dead in Dubai

Two Traffic Accidents Leave Four Dead in DubaiTwo separate traffic accidents that occured in Dubai have left four people dead and four others seriously injured.

The first major accident happened on Emirates Road on Monday afternoon and resulted in three deaths and two injuries, according to the Dubai Police.

According to police, a car that broke down was parked along Emirates Road and as it waited for assistance, all of its five passengers were sitting within. All of a sudden, a four wheel vehicle that was going at a very high speed hit the car. The vehicle that hit the car was driven by a Sudanese and the accident that it caused killed three people and injured two.

About four hours later, the second major accident occurred, which caused the death of an Emirati driver. This was according to the Dubai Traffic Police. This second accident was actually a three vehicle pile-up that was probably caused by a jaywalker.

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