UK Police Make £20 Million from Personal Injury Claims

UK Police Make £20 MillionPolice officers are instructing ‘ambulance-chasing’ lawyers to sue over mishaps on duty such as slips, trips and animal attacks.

PC Kelly Jones is suing burglary victim Steve Jones, a man who called 999 to report a burglary because she tripped over a curb at his property.

“How can anyone feel safe calling the cops if they size you up for compensation while they’re fighting crime? Surely policing has elements of both public service and risk. Isn’t that what officers sign up for when they put on the uniform – chasing villains and keeping us safe?” said the 50 years old businessman

The Police Federation confirmed it was funding the legal costs of Pc Jones and said civil claims made by officers must be treated “on their own merits”, adding that the safety of its members came second to public service.

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