UTMC Asks for the Kidney Lawsuit Against Them to Be Dismissed

Caduceus Grunge Symbol The University of Toledo Medical Center asked a state court to dismiss the charges of a woman whose brother’s kidney was thrown accidentally before it could be implanted into her during a surgery last year. UTMC also wants to get back some of its expenses.

Sarah A. Fudacz, who was 24 years old during the time of the surgery, was supposed to be the recipient of his brother’s kidney, Paul Fudacz Jr. Unfortunately, the kidney taken from her younger brother was unintentionally discarded by a nurse. The family filed a lawsuit against the medical center.

According to Jim Arnold, of a law firm based in Columbus and representing the Fudacz family, UTMC was very accommodating after the incident. They helped find Sarah a new kidney and even paid for the travel expenses to Colorado for the surgery. However, the Ohio attorney general’s office was unwilling to accept some of the family’s demands.

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