Woman Wins Suit Against Late Doctor

A breast cancer misdiagnosis cost Herlinda Garcia her job and her health insurance. Eventually, it drained her family’s bank accounts. A Victoria doctor, the late Ahmad I. Qadri, diagnosed her in 2009 with Stage IV terminal breast cancer even though she didn’t have any traces of the disease inside of her.

After she was diagnosed with stage IV terminal breast cancer, she wrote her bucket list, gave away her keepsakes, and even planned her funeral. She used to have a cancer scare once, a month before she was referred to Qadri. The late doctor misread a PET/CT scan during one of her visits.

In 2011, things began to change when she was admitted for anxiety. Because she was a cancer patient, doctors had to take some scans. A doctor suspected she didn’t have a cancer and so she underwent various tests including a biopsy.

She won the medical malpractice lawsuit against the late doctor and was awarded $367,500 in damages from his estate.

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