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Automobile accidents are classified as the most frequent of personal injury claims. However, for you to win your automobile accident claim you will need to prove that the other driver was negligent. Negligence means the other driver failed to do what a responsible motorist would do under the exact same circumstances. Illustrations of negligence include: not following traffic conditions, using the phone or text messaging while you are driving, neglecting to stop at red lights or stop signs, and driving too fast.

In some circumstances, the driver and the one who owns the automobile might be held accountable for an accident caused by the driver. For instance, a driver may be working whenever an automobile accident takes place. In cases like this, the company may be held liable for the damages.

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Damages are the types of injuries or losses that are caused by an auto accident in which you can be compensated for. In car accident cases Florida Law enables you to recover money for lost pay and for the loss of the ability to earn wages from the accident date and forward, for health-related expenditures brought on instantly by the accident and that could be continuing in the as a result of the injuries, for damage to property due to the accident, as well as for pain and suffering. Lighthouse Point Lawyers

Regarding “pain and suffering”, Florida Law places an extra requirement on the injured person in order to collect money in the event the negligent driver had PIP or No-Fault insurance when the accident took place.

In this case, the injured person will need to prove that the accident caused at least one of 4 things to happen: 1) the accident caused death or, 2) permanent and significant scars or disfigurement or, 3) loss of important bodily functionality or, 4) permanent injury. Often times the insurance company for the negligent driver will hire a physician to examine the injured person to determine if one of the four criteria was met in order to claim money for pain and suffering. If the negligent driver was required to have PIP coverage but neglected to have the protection at the time the accident occurred the injured person can seek money for pain and suffering without proving one of the four criteria.

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In Florida, everyone who is the owner of a motor vehicle intended for use on the road must buy Personal Injury Protection Insurance (likewise known as No-Fault or PIP insurance). This insurance coverage is designed to pay for 80% of one`s medical expenses and 60% of your lost wages up to a combined maximum total of $10,000. Should you select a deductible on your PIP insurance then the most it will pay will be $10,000 minus the deductible.

At Bloom and Kinnear we`re oftentimes able to reconcile an automobile personal injury claim without the need for filing a personal injury suit, which could take a reasonable length of time to get to trial. We`ve acquired millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

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