Recent Cases and Results

Elevator Accident

As client was entering an elevator, the door suddenly closed on him, striking his left hip and knocking him to the floor resulting in a broken hip. He hired Bloom andamp; Kinnear to pursue a claim for compensation on his behalf. Attorney Charles E. Bloom handled the case and filed suit against the elevator maintenance company that contracted to service the apartments’ elevators.

Construction Accident

Client fell from a two story scaffold some 20 feet to the ground sustaining severe spinal injury.

In order to deny workers’ compensation benefits, his employer made up a story about how he was horse playing at the construction site which led to his accident. The employer had several of co-employees sign statements verifying the lie. He hired our firm to fight for his benefits. Attorney Charles E. Bloom took the case and proved that the defenses raised by the employer were untrue and forced the employer and their carrier to pay for all past medical care and treatment as well as all medical care the client would need for the rest of his life. Additionally, attorney Bloom recovered all past wage loss benefits and secured the claimants’ entitlement to permanent lifetime compensation payments. Additionally attorney Bloom forced an unwilling insurance carrier to purchase a four bedroom home modified to be wheel-chair accessible for the client and his family.

Fall At Work

Client fell while watering foliage in the atrium of a local mall. She suffered broken bones which healed, but the impact caused back pain, and a nasal condition. Attorney Kinnear filed workers’ compensation claims on her behalf and the insurance company offered a large cash settlement on the day before trial.

Explosion At Work

Client fell backwards striking his head when a sandblaster pipe exploded at work. As a result he sustained a closed head injury and cognitive disorder. Our attorneys prevailed at trial and on appeal securing lifetime compensation payments and medical care including 24 hour a day attendant care.

Slip/Fall In Bathroom

Client slipped on a wet floor in a restroom while at work sustaining low and mid back injury including a disc herniation impinging upon the spinal cord. Before trial the insurance company offered $250,000 which was rejected. During trial the insurance carrier settled for $750,000.00.

Wrongful Discharge

Client was injured on the job and made a workers compensation claim to obtain medical care and disability benefits. When he was release to return to work by his doctors the employer began engaging in conduct designed to harass and humiliate him in front of his co-workers. Eventually, the Client was fired. The Attorneys at Bloom & Kinnear filed a lawsuit against the employer for violating Florida Statute 440.205 which prevents any employer from harassing or firing an employee for making a workers compensation claim.

Auto Accident

Clients, husband and pregnant wife, were struck head on by a negligent driver causing the wife to miscarry. Our firm recovered the policy limits $500,000.

Broken Elevator Causes Broken Hip

Many times, elevators in South Florida are left in disrepair by the property owners and the maintenance companies that were hired to maintain them. This can result in accidents which can cause injuries to others.

Juan G. was a resident of a government housing development called Harry Cain Towers. As he entered an elevator to go up to his 4th floor apartment, the door suddenly closed on him, hitting his left hip and knocking him onto the floor. The blow and the fall resulted in a broken hip which required surgery and the replacement of his damaged joint. Juan G. hired the law fir of Bloom & Kinnear to represent him and pursue a claim for compensation in his behalf. Attorney Charles E. Bloom handled the case and filed suit against the maintenance company that was hired to service the elevators in the apartment complex.

During the deposition, a repair technician working for the elevator maintenance company admitted that he had signed a log indicating that he had performed regular maintenance inspections although he had not, in fact, carried out the inspections. On careful inspection of the elevator, it was determined that the photo-electronic eye, which causes the door to remain open when there is something blocking it, was not functioning properly. Attorney Bloom argued that if the maintenance reports had not been falsified, and the actual maintenance checks had been made, that the malfunction would have been detected and repaired and the accident never would have occurred. Upon further investigation by Bloom & Kinnear, credible witnesses testified that they had made reports to the elevator company of similar problems with the elevator that were never repaired.

Bloom & Kinnear’s efforts resulted in a $500,000.00 settlement paid by the elevator company to Juan G.

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