Products Liability

Products liability is a term that refers to a legal claim which was filed by someone who was injured due to a product that did not work as it was supposed to, was improperly manufactured, or designed incorrectly.

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According to the Products Liability Law, the person that has been injured by a defective product does not have to be the one who originally bought the product. And oftentimes, the person’s product liability attorney does not have to prove negligence of the product manufacturer.

More often, the argument of the case is based on whether the product became defective during the manufacturing process, even if the manufacturer was not aware of making a defective product. This is what is known as “strict liability”.

Some examples of products that have injured people include the following:

  • toys
  • appliances
  • pharmaceuticals
  • tools
  • baby seats
  • bicycles
  • medical devices
  • automobiles

According to Florida Law, the manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retailer of such products are all ‚Äústrictly liable” if the product does not function or work as it was meant to.

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